Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Questions you should be asking your Professional Roofing Contractor

Does the business have a physical location?

Reasoning: If there is an issue with the job you will be able to find the contractor, sometimes contractors will have only a cell phone for contact number and their home address as their office location, be sure the office is not just out of a pickup truck. You should verify that the company has a physical location this shows an investment in their business. This shows professionalism and also some peace of mind for you the customer.

AAA’s answer: AAA Roofing has been located at 655 NE 46t Place, DM since 1999, before that we were located at 4825 NW 6th Drive, DM for 24 years. AAA Roofing is committed to the roofing industry.

Is the company local or out of town?

Reasoning: Service after the sale, if you have an issue or problem will the company be available to take care of you?

AAA’s answer: Local contractor established in Des Moines since 1969. AAA cares for our customers before, during and after the sale.

Is the company state registered?

Reasoning: Iowa requires a company which has employees to be registered with the state. This law is meant to protect customers one part of the law requires an employer to have a certificate of insurance if the company has employees.

AAA’s answer: This law went into effect in 1989 AAA Roofing has been registered with the state for over 20 years.

Does the company specialize in roofing or is the company a “jack of all trades” business?

Reasoning: Many companies will claim to be or will turn to including roofing as part of what they do when business is slow or as a way to diversify. A properly installed roof will and does protect you, your family, and all of your assets from Mother Nature, and all of the ever changing weather conditions we experience in Iowa, summer heat, winter cold and everything in between. A true roofing specialist will have continuing education and the experience to insure that your family and assets are protected. A “jack of all trades” typically does not have the experience or the continuing education to insure that your assets are protected.

AAA’s answer: AAA Roofing specialized in residential steep slope roofing, which means homes with roofs just like yours. We do not dabble in other types of home improvement projects. Although when the need arises we do know professionals to call to assist us in completing necessary tasks.

Is the company properly insured?

Reasoning: People often are not aware that a contracting company can get a certificate of insurance that shows coverage for the entire year, but payments can be made instead of a lump sum payment. Even though a company has a certificate for a year if payments are not made in a timely manner the insurance may be cancelled, leaving you as the customer unprotected. Do not let this happen to you protect yourself by contacting the insurance company to make sure policy is enforce for the duration of your project.

AAA’s answer: AAA Roofing carries the necessary insurance as listed above we are quite willing and able to provide you with a certificate of insurance and the name and phone number of our insurance carrier upon your request.

Does the company provide you, the homeowner, with proper lien waivers at the completion of the project?

Reasoning: Many homeowners are not aware, that even once you have paid your contractor in full and think the project is totally complete you may be legally stuck with paying for the materials and labor again if the contractor has not. Vendor’s material that were used on your roof and anyone that worked on your roof have the legal right to come back to you for payment, unless there is a lien waiver.

AAA’s answer: We can supply lien waivers with each completed project, upon customer’s request.

Does the company provide you with a list of previous customers including name, address, phone # and, customers permission to contact them?

Reasoning: Do your homework as your roof is a big investment. It keeps you dry and protects everything inside your house from water damage. Again your roof is a big investment do your homework do not trust your roof to just anyone do not base your decision on price alone. That is a huge mistake! Not being able to find the contractor or problems with your new roof could cost hundreds of dollars to correct.

AAA’s answer: AAA Roofing is a Gannon Family owned local company since 1969. We have installed more than 8000 roofs in this area. We are willing and able to provide many more references upon your request.

What groups or trade organizations does the company providing your proposal belong to and are they active in any?

Reasoning: Being members and being active shows a commitment to the industry, the organization and you the customer. Local, regional and national associations provide members with education opportunities. Classes, seminars, speakers and publications to name a few, also the opportunity to talk with companies and persons in like businesses that have often dealt with like situations and issues. It is a very valuable educational tool that companies should take advantage of. The reason many companies do not take advantage is time commitments and costs involved.

AAA’s answer: AAA Roofing is proud to be a member of the BBB and we have an A+ rating with the BBB. AAA Roofing is also a member of the local, state and national Homebuilding Association, Iowa Roofing Contractor’s Association and Midwest Roofing Association.

How much experience do the crews installing YOUR roof have?

Reasoning: You want installers that are experienced and capable of installing a long lasting, good looking and most important WATERTIGHT roof system on your house. Some companies will sell a job first and then find a crew to do the job for what agreed upon price will allow them to pay.

AAA’s answer: AAA Roofing uses the same crews day to day, year to year, each job to each job. Each one of our crew leaders has a minimum of 5 years experience installing roofs for AAA. Our feeling at AAA Roofing is “Treat Each Roof We Do As If It Were Our Own House”.

If there are other questions or concerns we are able to help you with please feel free to Contact Us.

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